Company’s Profile

The chemical company “Spoluka,” founded in Kyiv (Ukraine) in 2005, is a part of a family of R&D chemical companies Life Chemicals.

At present “Spoluka” is one of the biggest Ukrainian producers and suppliers of fine reagents and organic compounds for different uses: organic and medicinal chemistry, drug design and development, biological research, etc.

Our products and services are:

We brought together over 40 highly-qualified organic chemists, including 7 PhDs. Their achievements and R&D results are often reported at professional conferences and exhibitions, in publications and presentations.

The Company’s main priorities are the most competitive quality of our products and services, innovative ideas, and a custom-orientated approach.

Contact info

“Spoluka” Chemical Company
5 Murmanska Street
02660 Kyiv

Contact person: Ms. Alina Yevtukhova
Phone: +38 044 391 66 18